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The Provincial Priory of Lincolnshire

Constituted in Grimsby on 19th July, 1910
HRH The Duke of Connaught

  M E N U



Location: Lincolnshire, Peripatetic.

Meetings: 1st Monday in September, Last Monday November, 1st Monday in March - Installation (Lincoln), 1st Friday in May.
Location: Lincolnshire, Peripatetic.

Centenary Preceptory Picture

The Lincolnshire Centenary Daylight Preceptory No 680 was consecrated as a Daylight Preceptory on 1st March 2010 at a ceremony in the Assembly Rooms, Bailgate, Lincoln. Right Eminent Knight Gordon Walkerly Smith KCT, Provincial Prior for Lincolnshire, undertook the consecration and installation assisted by the Provincial Team. E Kt T F Aldridge P Gt A-de-C was installed as First Preceptor, E Kt M Bull as First Constable and Kt J R Spriggs as Second Constable. The Preceptory is a travelling preceptor meeting at Masonic centres in Lincoln, Boston, Gainsborough, Grantham, Grimsby, Louth and Skegness. There are four meetings a year including the Installation which is held annually at Lincoln in March. This means that the Preceptory meets at the other centres once every two years. All meetings begin at 11.00am followed by lunch. Except for the Preceptors Baton and Collar and Jewel (donated by the First Preceptor), the Preceptory currently makes use of the host Preceptory's equipment.

The petitioners were T F Aldridge, A F J Farmer, M Bull, J R D Spriggs, R Brittan, R Orridge, D Dolan, R Wade, D Cowling, M Thornton, C Bradley, C Butt, J Kinder, M Forrest, W Stothard, G Forman, D R O'Neill, S Shaw, L Watson, R Smith, J Hunt, R Sims and D Berry.

At the Consecration and Installation meeting the Provincial Prior Right Eminent Knight Gordon Walkerley Smith, the Provincial Sub Prior Very Eminent Knight Carroll Preston, the Provincial Chancellor Eminent Knight Tim Kelsey and the Provincial Marshall, Eminent Knight Richard Wynne were elected honorary members.

The Founder Members of the Lincolnshire Centenary Daylight Preceptory No 680 at the Consecration

Front Row: E Kt M Bull (First Constable, E Kt T Aldridge (Preceptor), E Kt A F J Farmer (Prelate), Rev J R D Spriggs (2nd Constable), E Kt R Orridge (Registrar) Middle Row: E Kt J Hunt; E Kt D Dolan (Marshal), E Kt D Cowling, E Kt G Forman, Kt R Smith, Kt M Thornton, Kt M Forrest: Back Row: Kt S Shaw, Kt Jerry Kinder, E Kt D O'Neill, Kt W Stothard, E Kt R Wade, Kt C Bradley, Kt C Butt, Kt L Watson