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The Provincial Priory of Lincolnshire

Constituted in Grimsby on 19th July, 1910
HRH The Duke of Connaught

  M E N U



Location: Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House and other venues within Lincolnshire


Meetings: Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House on the first Friday in July
and other venues in Lincolnshire on the Friday after the second
Thursday in January (I).

Chapter House Picture

Chapter House Preceptory No 609, the Preceptory for Past Preceptors, meets in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral on the First Friday in July (Malta) and the Friday after the second Thursday in January (Installation Meeting) at any Masonic venue in Lincolnshire, being the choice of the Eminent Preceptor elect. The Warrant states that the meetings will be held at the Chapter House, Lincoln Cathedral and other venues in Lincolnshire on such days in every year as may be set forth in the Bye Laws.

The July meeting is preceded by Evensong in the Cathedral to which ladies and guests are invited. The Malta meeting is then held in the Chapter House followed by dinner with ladies and guests in the Assembly Rooms, Bailgate, Lincoln. Candidates for the Malta ceremony come from the Preceptories across Lincolnshire where they have not yet had the opportunity to undertake the Malta Degree. It is normally the responsibility of the ruling Eminent Prior to find candidates. At the Malta ceremony there are usually no more than 2 candidates.

The Consecration Meeting was held in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral on Friday 30th January in 1998. The Warrant is dated the same as the Consecration date.

The petitioners were Raymond Leonard Ringrose, Timothy George Kelsey, David James Berisford, Richard Thomas Horobin, Robert Kenneth Oilman, Albert Harness, Rev John Richard David Scarborough, Melvin David Codd, Arthur Colin Mason, David Anthony Lee, John Rowbotham, Frank Robert Loveday, Ronald George Sims, David Barrie Richardson, John Woods Archer, John ([Leonard Curtis, Andrew Mason, Jack Lucas, Dr James Michael Butterfield Carr, Arthur Henry Philippe, Robert Wareing, William Edward Coppin, Robert Spencer Parsons, Robert Aitken, Peter Robert Sidney Renacre, George Roy Fieldsend, Dr John Raymond Allin, Richard Hugh Wynne, Norman Sidney Levick, Donald Ernest Sharpe, Joseph Henry Launcelot Collinson, John Anthony Faulkner, Frank Victor Moiser, John Stewart Peddie, Martin Frank Hemsley Levick, John Parramore Pugh, John Alec De Siva Holmes, Henry Maynard Green, Col John Richard Hunter, John Marshall Hunt, Terence Desmond Ward, Dr George Evans, John Thomas Wringe, Jack Bassett and Leslie Alan Penney.

The First Preceptor was E Kt Raymond Leonard Ringrose, the First Constable E Kt Tim Kelsey and the Second Constable David Berisford.