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The Provincial Priory of Lincolnshire

Constituted in Grimsby on 19th July, 1910
HRH The Duke of Connaught

  M E N U



Location: Masonic Hall, Chambers St., Grantham, Lincs, NG31 8BL

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday in September (KM), November, March and May (I).

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The Preceptory was consecrated in 1946 at The Masonic Hall, Chambers Street, Grantham. The Warrant is dated 1st March 1946. The petitioners were Capt The Rt Hon Frederick Comfort Crookshank, Charles Haldane Denny Robbs MB, Walter Thomas Phipps, Charles Baxter Aram, Alfred Barnett, Rev Richard Nicholas Daniels, Arthur Leslie Deal, Thomas Leonard Goulton, Capt Arthur Greenfield, Wilfrid Hamilton, Arthur Thomas Kerr, Rev Reuben Frederick Skinner, Frank Smith, Raymond William Walker, Richard Woosman, Frederick Percy Hewitson Birtwhistle JP MD, Harry Douglas Mitchell, Sidney Bennett Cragg, Frederick William Kiely, Frederick George Melville Stennett, George Braithwaite Eccles, Frank Weeber and Arnold William Harrison.

Capt. The Rt Hon Frederick Comfort Crookshank, was the First Preceptor, Charles Haldane Denny Robbs the First Constable and Walter Thomas Phipps the Second Constable.

Heneage Preceptory was named after Lord Heneage who was the first Provincial Prior of the Priory of Lincolnshire.

Past Preceptors of Heneage Preceptory

1946H F C Crookshank 1947W T Phipps
1948A F Deal 1949Rev F R F Skinner
1950A Greenfield 1951H E Kerr
1952W Hamilton 1953W E Bailey
1954Rev P J F Simpson 1955W Griffin
1956F R Barker 1957F H Holmes
1958J Rudkin 1959L Wood
1960F H A Toft 1961W Durrant
1962J E Mountain 1963J C B Thompson
1964G Arrun 1965W F Hickson
1966G G Crowson 1967G H Dickinson
1968H P Tee 1969J Cox
1970H Burton 1971W S Taylor
1972E J Spriggs 1973E Belcher
1974M F Bates 1975T W G Bourne
1976G S Frankish 1977H E Taylor
1978J Lucas 1979R J Robinson
1980H Brittain 1981Rev T B Williams
1982J A F Saville 1983G S Gillett
1984G C J Bates 1985A Mason
1986J R Allin 1987J Oliver
1988M J Watson 1989M A White
1990T D Ward 1991K F E Wallington
1992J F Butler 1993H E West
1994J R W Clements 1995J R D Scarborough
1996R H Wynne 1997 R G Barnes
1998R J Orridge 1999M H E Bowyer
2000R O Wall 2001Rev Canon D Askew
2002D N Perkins 2003B F Richards
2004D Roberts 2005P J Mann
2006N Fisher 2007R Butler
2008A R Newton 2009A Wright
2010R O Devereux 2011C Henson
2012D G Biggadike 2013S Roberts